Running technique school holiday coaching program

Kathleen O’Connell and Running Technique Coach present a unique opportunity to improve your child’s running technique. With a strong focus on enjoyment, speed, acceleration and injury prevention this intensive two day school holiday program is essential for any child looking to improve their running game in team ball sports such as Australian Rules Football, Netball, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey and many others.

This Melbourne running technique school holiday coaching program is designed for kids involved in team sports where the focus on running can some times take a back-seat compared to the development of ball handling skills and team strategies. Most ball sports are built around your capacity to run. Defence and attack need running speed to make position and exploit the opposition when in possession of the ball.

Children's Running Technique CoachingWe recently published this article by Kathleen O’Connell and Brian Martin that explains some of the issues that contribute to children losing the strength and fitness to run well in their chosen sporting discipline.

Where and when: Doncaster Athletics Track, Rieschiecks Reserve, George Street Doncaster.

Monday 8th & Wednesday 10th April 2013 from 9am-12pm

Cost: $190 includes video analysis

Please register and pay using the PayPal button at the top right hand corner of this page, (Visa & Mastercard accepted). You will then be directed to a questionnaire to be completed prior to the session.

For further information please contact Mark Gorski:
(m) 0403 171 603

Learning objectives

This program is designed to be a learning experience for your child but also provides you some valuable insights to help guide your child’s athletic development.

  1. Learn what good running technique looks like
  2. Use drills to activate the correct running muscles and practice good movement patterns
  3. Know how to use hill training correctly to build strength and better technique
  4. Develop functional acceleration
  5. Understand the role of footwear in your child’s development
  6. Improve speed and running ability
  7. Understand why running ability is critical in team based ball sports
  8. Learn the connection between strength training and good running technique
  9. Practice some basic exercises that can be done at home to increase strength, stability and speed
  10. Learn how to avoid injury by training smart
  11. Improve agility and fitness
  12. Enjoy running!

Parent’s briefing

There will be an optional interactive briefing for parent’s held during the session. While your kids are being coached; author, running coach and blogger Brian Martin will present to parents on the fundamentals of good running technique. This session will also cover Q&A around hot topics such as barefoot running, orthotics, minimalist running shoes and strength training.

This program is conducted by Kathleen O’Connell, Mark Gorski and Brian Martin – Athletics Australia Accredited Level 3 running coaches.

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