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A unique service for Fitline clients. Running Technique Coach has teamed up with Fitline to bring you a unique learning, coaching and training opportunity. Leading Melbourne running coaches Brian Martin, Mark Gorski and Olympian Victoria Mitchell are now providing a one-on-one learning and coaching experience at Fitline’s studios.

We analyse your running style and teach you how to make improvements that can reduce the risk of injuries such as ITB Syndrome and Shin Splints, and if you’re competitive, increase your ability to run faster. But more important than even those two worthy goals is opening the door to enjoying your running experience. Once you master the basics, and build stronger running muscles, it is possible to run without pain being your constant companion. Running is a strength and skill based movement like so many other sports such as swimming and cycling, but attention to developing the knowledge and strength to run with good technique is often overlooked.

Our coaching philosophy and method

Improving running technique is much more than footwear and foot-strike, these are at best fine-tuning or enabling elements. Our coaching and learning method targets the engine room of good running – developing an active and stable running pattern driven through building hip strength, good posture and proper running muscle activation patterns. We know it works because it is based on the research that underpins Brian’s book Running Technique and more than 12 months of coaching recreational and competitive runners to run better.

We identify injury risks and performance limiting factors before showing you how to use strength training and a unique running program to help you learn & discover better movement patterns. We teach a target model for good running technique and give you the tools, training program and a footwear prescription to put it into action.

Online report and support for 12 weeks

You’ll receive an online report and membership to our website where you can review the results of your running assessment and begin learning how to practice and train for better running technique. At any stage you may post questions to your running coach and receive personal advice and tips as you work your way through the twelve week running technique transition program.

Feedback to your Fitline personal trainer

We will work closely with your Fitline trainer, providing direct feedback on the results of your running assessment and areas that can be targeted towards improving your running stride. Your regular personal training sessions can then incorporate a specific running technique focus by performing strength training exercises that are closely associated with good running technique postures and movement patterns.

Runners that should consider using this service:

  • Any runner who would like to know if their running technique needs improvement
  • A new runner wanting help to establish good habits and the fundamentals of good technique
  • Runners planning a half-marathon or marathon should get checked to avoid injuries and disappointment close to your goal
  • Any runner suffering persistent injuries or pain should have their technique assessed
  • Runners looking to improve their personal best performance

Recap – what you get from using this service

  • A practical analysis of your running technique to identify issues that may cause injuries
  • We consider your running experience, injury history and goals when writing your assessment
  • Private access to your video and report through this website
  • Ability to compare future check-ups to the initial assessment to track improvement
  • Access to a strength and coordination package, video demonstrations and tutorials
  • Recommendations to help improve your running form in the long term
  • Mental cues to stimulate better technique
  • Personal running shoe recommendations and prescription
Is it worth it? In our experience the answer is a definite yes. Money spent on physiotherapy, the pain of remedial massage and the frustration of being constantly injured and not running makes a running technique assessment a worthwhile investment. You’ll be better placed to avoid injury, enjoy your running more and identify areas of potential improvement.

Is it a magic cure? Are there any risks?

Running is a sport that requires patience and quiet persistence – qualities most runners have in spades. Improving your running technique will take some time, dedication and effort on your part.

Any training stimulus can involve the chance of getting sore or injured – be sure you understand the risks by reading our terms and conditions of service.
We give you the information, tools and training techniques to improve, but to a certain extent the results you achieve will be determined by your commitment to the process. In 12 weeks you should make some positive gains and set the foundations for progressive improvements in the months and years ahead.

What to expect

We will give you some immediate feedback on your running, but we also review your video and photographs in detail after the session. Analysing running technique takes patience and time to do well, so we don’t rush to form conclusions. Take the first impressions on-board, but wait for your report for the final analysis. Your report will be complete within three working days. We will provide some initial direction at the session and also ensure you are comfortable with the strength and coordination exercises.

We take video and photographs of you running at a comfortable, but reasonable pace. What to wear: Consider your clothing and footwear carefully. Shorts or fitted clothing is generally better as you can see more of how your body moves. Wear shoes you are familiar with, but generally go for lighter more flexible shoes if possible. Orthotics should be worn if necessary.

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