Running coaching made in Melbourne

Beginner or returning runner programs, from $19: Take up running and minimise your chance of getting injured.  This 12 week program is focused on an achievable workload and running with good technique.  The program includes strength and coordination exercises to condition your body and improve running technique. The program will prime you for a 3 – 5 km fun run.Get more information.

Foundation strength training for runners, $29: Learn why top running coaches use strength training to improve running performance.  These functional exercises can be done anywhere to improve running form, performance and avoid injury.  The program delivers full explanations of how to do each exercise with proper technique.  Video instructions and demonstrations complete the program. Get more information.
Goal running programs, from $29: These training programs take you beyond jogging to being a runner. If you are training for a longer fun run, to build superior fitness or beat your personal best, these challenging and stimulating programs will get you to the next level.  The programs include strength and coordination exercises to improve running technique. Get more information.

Running Technique Assessments: Running technique is often overlooked as a means to determine the cause of running injuries, or identify pathways to better performance. Get expert feedback to help improve your running form. As part of the service you get online access to your running video a written report and coaching advice to improve your running technique.Get more information.

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