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Running Technique Coach is a Melbourne based coaching service for recreational and competitive runners.  We offer an online and blended online and in-person service. Our running and coaching philosophy is simply to enjoy your running and don’t get injured.

Running is the most natural of all human sporting pursuits. Few things can beat getting outside in the fresh air and feeling the earth beneath your feet.  Taking in nature as you expend some physical energy to stay healthy, let off steam from a tough day at the office or get away from the children for a precious half hour of me time is one of the great joys of living.  And if you’re a competitive type, no matter what your level, then you’ll know the buzz of beating your best time, your closest rival or completing a fun run or half-marathon.

Whatever your reason for running, the greatest barrier standing in your way is getting sore or injured from making mistakes in  training or being unaware of how to run with good technique.  There’s a lot of information and advice about running training, but much of it trickles down from the elite levels and is then unilaterally applied to recreational runners.

There is so much mythology about running. Much of it comes from beliefs that have built up over time on the back of the success of a few individuals.  But we would always back the methods of a coach who consistently keeps a group of runners on the road and gradually improving than someone who produces an Olympic Medalist but leaves a trail of crippled runners behind.  You have to ask the question about why you’re running; sure we can be motivated by competition with ourselves or others, but fundamentally we run because we love it: don’t lose sight of that.  If you get hurt you can’t run.

Our running programs are built around the combined approach of recreational runner Brian Martin and the elite level knowledge and experience of Mark Gorski.  Between them, Mark and Brian have the breadth of knowledge, experience and empathy to help runners chasing goals at any level of ability. We are more than happy to work with you and/or your existing running coach (if you have one), so feel free to use the service to suit your needs.  We are happy to provide advice to anyone regardless of where they run, who they run with or whether they have a coach or not.  The service is completely confidential. We believe your running is your private business.

What is our running and coaching philosophy? Put simply, enjoy your running and don’t get injured.  Even if you are focused on running fast or achieving a big running goal such as completing a half marathon or marathon these two factors should always be front of mind. There is no magic involved, the process of improving your running involves gradual and dedicated progression on multiple fronts.

Each of our services is designed to keep your running in balance, running injuries are usually the result of pushing the volume or intensity of training beyond your current strength and skill as a runner.  This is easy to do as cardiovascular fitness progresses faster than the body can repair and build muscle, increase tendon strength and establish sound muscle activation patterns. Building the functional strength and coordination to move with good technique and sustain it for longer periods is critical to long term running success and avoiding injury. This can be achieved by practicing running-like movements as part of your strength training – effectively reprogramming your muscles to move with better coordination and building resilience to injury.  Each of our programs includes detailed instructions on how to perform key strength and coordination exercises.  This provides physical and mental stimuli to trigger improvements in movement patters and  reenforce good running habits.

Prescribing running training at volumes and intensities that a runner can safely complete is critical to avoiding getting injured.  This is especially important for runners seeking to improve their running form.  Practicing better running technique with a level of intensity that enables your to maintain running good form is a key aspect of the training programs we have developed.  This does not mean they are an easy ride, but it does shift the focus in training.

Learn to train smart and run with good technique with gradual improvement on three fronts:

  1. Building the functional strength and coordination to move with good technique.
  2. Using physical and mental stimuli to trigger improvements in your running form.
  3. Only prescribing a volume and intensity of running that a runner can safely complete without getting injured based on how well they are running today.

We believe success in running is very much about moving steadily to slightly higher plateaus, but these are not just based on running more kilometres, but also on the development of greater strength and skill.

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