Intensive coaching

Running coaching, service level explained: Our one-on-one intensive coaching service can be used as an online or blended online and in-person service.  The level of service and interaction is high and as a consequence we are only accepting a small number of runners into this service.  Costs are higher and subject to discussion of your individual requirements and our estimate of the time needed to provide an excellent level of service based on your needs.  Online running coaching is charged monthly in advance.

What you get: Under this level of service you get access to all the general information on the website and your own personal page and coaching forum where we document your goals, update results of gait analysis, monitor progress and most importantly interact on a regular basis. The service provides:

  • Review of prior weeks training: volume, intensity, type and most importantly how you handled it.  This can be done via you submitting your training diary and/or free-form chat online.
  • Weekly goal setting and training program (based on your previous week and overall goals).  Including running and strength training.
  • Online private chat or phone conversations as needed.
  • Unlimited online interaction, make contact as you need it.
  • Injury watch – discuss any soreness or pain.
  • Personal video tutorials placed on your page as needed to further explain any concepts.
  • Access to specific strength and coordination exercises and video descriptions.
  • Free gait analysis check-ups (after initial paid service).

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