6 week learn to run coaching program

6 week running technique coaching and learning program

This 6 week face-to-face running course guides you through a step-by-step program that will forever change they way you think about running. During your learning experience you will develop a detailed understanding of how you should train and where you can make improvements to the way you move.

Running Coaching In Melbourne 6 Week programLearning to run with good technique isn’t a straightforward process: but our program gives you the best possible chance of success by combining the physical and mental skills needed to develop proper movement patterns. Our running training philosophy is designed to get you training in a way that supports the conditions for learning and running better, more often.

We train runners to develop the physical strength and skill to run well before adding training volume or intensity.
You will learn new skills each week and have the opportunity to practice under the supervision of two coaches. Each week we set aside time to answer questions about your previous week’s training so you’ll always have the chance to have your questions answered and to discuss your experience.

6 weeks of coaching to learn running technique

In addition to face-to-face coaching you will receive access to weekly learning activities, a running training program appropriate for your level of fitness (12 weeks) and online learning resources to support your journey towards enjoying and getting the most out of your running training.

Learn to run with friends

We’ve designed this service with the aim of delivering the best learning outcomes possible. Having the support of your regular training partners means you’ll have more fun and benefit from the creative chemistry that only group learning can provide.

We’re also very happy to work with runners one-on-one.

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