Goal and intermediate running programs

These programs are designed for runners looking to train for a specific race, a big fun runs or generally take their running to the next level by doing some serious and structured training. The goal programs are written by Melbourne Running Coaches Mark Gorski and Brian Martin and will take you beyond jogging to being a runner. If you are training for a long fun run, to build superior fitness or beat your personal best, these challenging and stimulating programs will get you to the next level. The programs include strength and coordination exercises to improve running technique.

Get me there quickly – I need results for an upcoming goal run.
The 18 week program includes three complete phases of training to give you the best chance of achieving your goal. 18 weeks to personal glory / 12 weeks minimum commitment to see good results.

Weeks: 1 – 6

  • Established and enhance base fitness.
  • Focus on building physical strength and coordination.
  • Running stimulus: build endurance, strength and technique.

Weeks: 7 – 12

  • Improve base speed.
  • Build muscular endurance through strength training.
  • Holding form at good pace over longer distance.
  • Variety of longer runs.

Weeks 13 – 18

  • Maintain strength.
  • Build speed endurance.
  • Variety of longer tempo running (good pace over distance).
  • Taper and race strategy.

Get me there slowly – I’ve got a long term plan.
Achieving big running goals and improvement is a long term process.  This program is designed for the patient runner looking to base build for the longer term and is a great stepping-stone to completing a marathon. Running off a larger foundation of training built over time is widely accepted as being a fantastic way to improve performance and build resilient against injury.

This allows you the opportunity to train harder and run faster when the time comes to sharpen yourself for competition or to take on a goal like the marathon or chase a personal best time over 5, 10, 15 kilometres or the half-marathon.  This is our preferred approach to training as you can work on building base fitness, strength and coordination and refine your running technique before smashing your body with huge miles or super-fast running sessions.

The secret with a long term plan is to keep focus through a variety of interesting and stimulating training.  Time trials and goal races help to measure your progress and provide motivation.

Months: 1 – 3

  • Base training for endurance.
  • Running training focused on stimulating good technique.
  • Building muscular endurance through strength training.

Months: 4 – 6

  • Improve base speed.
  • Holding form at good pace over longer distance.
  • Variety of longer runs.

Months: 7 – 9

  • Build speed endurance.
  • Holding form at good pace over longer distance.
  • Variety of longer runs.
  • Variety of longer tempo running (good pace over distance).

Months: 10 – 12

  • Strength Maintenance.
  • Further train speed endurance.
  • Hard cardiovascular conditioning.
  • Race specific training to match your goal.

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