Running gait analysis – instructions for online service

Thank you for purchasing the online running gait analysis service.  This page is provided to help you capture and share your running video with us as effectively as possible.  If you have any problems please don’t hesitate to get in contact using the contact form below.

Camera angles, video and photos

Make sure the analysis considers all aspects of your running technique.  By this we mean there should be video taken from at least two angles: side, and rear. A front on shot or low side angle to look at foot-strike can also be very useful but is not absolutely necessary for most runners.

If possible use your camera or software editing package to slow the footage down 3 to 5 times slower than normal speed before you load your video to YouTube.  Any video should be shot on a tripod if possible, wobbles can be distracting. Try to ensure the camera is level when taking the footage. You only need to provide 30 – 60 seconds of footage at each angle so edit down your shoot as needed.

If you have photos taken of you running from different angles we can also use these to inform the analysis.  Contact us using the form below and we will reply using an email address where you can send the images.

What to wear

Consider your clothing and footwear carefully when you’re getting analyzed.  Shorts or fitted clothing is generally better as you can see more of your body and how it moves, as well as detecting any muscle activity visible from the surface.  Wear shoes you are familiar with, but generally go for a lighter, more flexible shoe if possible.  Orthotics should be worn if necessary.

How fast should I run?

Consider running at a pace that you could sustain comfortably for a long period.  Do not run at your race pace or any speed where you struggle to be in control of your mechanics and breathing.  Generally, tempo or lactate threshold pace is a good benchmark as you should be able to run at reasonable speed white staying in control.

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