Beginner running programs

Whether you are a new runner or returning to running these online programs are designed to help minimise your chances of getting injured. Our beginner programs are focused on keeping you running by ensuring the workload is manageable and practicing running with good technique.  Each program includes a detailed strength and coordination program to condition your body for injury free running.

The 12 week online program is designed to increase your fitness to comfortably complete a 3 – 5 km fun run.  This will give you great satisfaction and also provide an objective benchmark to set future goals and help calibrate your training paces as your running progresses. The 24 week program will get you in shape for a 10 15km fun run and if you’re really motivated, a half-marathon is within your reach.

What you get: Access to an interesting training schedule prepared by qualified Melbourne running coaches Mark Gorski and Brian Martin, and the additional benefit of the rich experience we have built around the schedule. We have explained the essential information you need to be successful in your running program. This includes detailed instructions (including video demonstrations) on how to perform strength and coordination exercises that will help you run with better technique and build resilience against injury.  We also include access to information about:

  • Good running technique.
  • How to choose running shoes and clothing.
  • Trends such as running shoe minimalism and barefoot running.
  • Massage and self-massage.
  • Injuries, how to avoid and detect them early before they get serious.
  • Running myths and misinformation.
  • Detailed strength and coordination program.
  • Stretching … and much more.

More about our beginner runner programs

These programs are designed for a beginner or a runner coming back to running from a long break or injury.  In the early stages of starting running you need to build functional strength and the awareness to run with good technique more than you need to run a lot of kilometres. These programs are all about building a solid foundation for doing more running by:

  • Strengthening and coordinating the muscles needed to run with good technique.
  • Developing the mindset and knowledge to train smarter.
  • Balancing your training: only run as much as your strength, technique and fitness will safely allow.

There is a significant amount of foundation strength training built into the program that you should treat as equally important (if not more so) than the actual running components.

Get started with running without succumbing to injury.
You’ll find that time spent on building up the capacity of your body to run efficiently and safely will allow you to run farther and faster as your fitness develops in the longer term.
Remember, if you get injured you can’t run!
Don’t be tempted to run more and neglect your strength training.  If you’re running to build fitness or maintain a healthy weight you need to be patient – some running is better than no running.
Focusing on foundation strength training benefits your running and helps you maintain or lose weight: building lean muscle burns more calories – even when you are resting.
The equally important part of these programs is to begin enjoying your running.  If you are moving with good technique and have the strength to absorb a reasonable amount of training, you should start to enjoy running. Running should not constantly hurt or cause you to get injured.  This may not come straight away, but if you can glimpse a future where you can run three to four days every week and not feel like you’re body is breaking then you have succeeded in this program.

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